Building Update

We have made great progress on our build – though in best ‘Grand Designs’ tradition we are a bit be behind and some way over budget!  We love it though.  Our architect John (John Allen Architecture) has done an excellent job making best use of the available space without looking completely nuts!  Our builder Paul (PTR Construction) has once again, realised our architect’s plans brilliantly.

This will be our living area allowing us to create a second bedroom in our part of the original barn (the red brick area on the left hand side of the photo).  We have lived in a one bedroom flat for six years now and it has been a little limiting – so one can come for dinner or stay.

The design references farm buildings with the black tin (which also links to the black timber areas on the Guest wing) but also has a mid-century twist with the windows and galvanised canopy.  We can’t wait for it to be finished but realistically not until the end of the summer.  As most of the external work as been done it shouldn’t have any impact on your stay (to be honest it hasn’t really so far anyway).