We wrote a blog that described building Five Acre Barn, which you can visit here 

This blog continues our journey - running the bed and breakfast, planting out the garden and, of course, discovering the beauty of the Suffolk coast.

...please join us!

By David / 11/06/2023

Building Update

We have made great progress on our build - though in best 'Grand Designs' tradition we are a bit be...

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By David / 21/02/2023

Barnstorming Build

When we refurbished the barn and built the guest wing seven years ago, in keeping with all ‘Grand Designs’ -...

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By David / 29/11/2022

Whet your appetite

We are so lucky to have many fantastic producers of food in Suffolk.  We are also fortunate to have some...

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By David / 31/07/2022

Garden Update

We have long described our garden as a ‘work in progress’. When I say that to guests they always says...

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By David / 13/04/2022

Electric Cars & Bikes

This is not the most exciting blog – but it is quite a significant one.When we started we thought that...

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By David / 30/11/2021

Gravel Garden

The first part of the garden to be planted, about five years ago, was a gravel strip running from the...

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By David / 14/02/2021

Let it snow

In the six years that we have been here we have only had 'proper snow' twice - both courtesy of...

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By David / 19/01/2021

Turning Japanese

It's almost a year since we dug the pond - the first stage of a Japanese-inspired garden.  As it turned...

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By David / 09/07/2020

Pond Life

From the start we wanted a pond - but it takes a Covid lockdown to provide enough time to make...

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By David / 11/02/2020

Five Acre Barn news

Well its almost been a year since the last Five Acre Barn post.  I realise that there are probably not...

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