We wrote a blog that described building Five Acre Barn, which you can visit here 

This blog continues our journey - running the bed and breakfast, planting out the garden and, of course, discovering the beauty of the Suffolk coast.

...please join us!

By David / 14/04/2019

Full Steam ahead

We met Sasha French a few months ago.  Sasha has a lovely bed and breakfast in Great Glemham - Crown...

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By David / 05/02/2019

Top Stumps

It’s the start of February.  Most gardeners would have put their tools away in the shed a couple of months...

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By David / 11/12/2018

Do it yourself

The Suffolk countryside seems to be full of talented artists.  It’s staggering just how many beautiful things are produced close by...

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By David / 11/11/2018

Honesty is the best policy

Some of our favourite hotels and B&Bs, run honesty bars - you fix yourself a drink as if you were...

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By David / 22/10/2018

Stephen Lawrence prize

When we were working with our architect we wanted something different that would stand out and hopefully intrigue potential guests. ...

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By David / 18/09/2018

Out on the prairie

We have some grand ambitions for the garden bordering by the guest sundecks - which will eventually become a deep...

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By David / 02/09/2018

Stage and Screen

Aldeburgh really punches above it's weight in so many ways.  Two great illustrations of this are High Tide (11-16 September)...

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By David / 07/08/2018


Aldeburgh is fortunate in being one of the few towns that has managed to continue its carnival tradition when so...

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By David / 24/07/2018

Beach Life

Now we don't pretend that the North Sea Coast owes much to the Mediterranean of Ibiza or the Greek Islands...

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By David / 09/07/2018

Latitude Attitude

Most people wouldn't associate our neck of the woods with contemporary music - for most its all about the classical...

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