Our Story

After living in Peckham, London, for many years, we decided to escape the urban jungle for the English countryside. Having visited the county on many occasions, the beautiful Suffolk coast was a natural choice.

After months of searching we came across a rather unprepossessing barn hidden behind a wall of conifers with a chilly 1970s extension attached.  Whilst it had been a much loved family hideaway we felt it needed to brought into the 21st century.  Working with architects Blee Halligan – a brilliant London-based practise – we developed the new guest wing and remodelling of the Barn.  We think they have done a great job.

As keen gardeners we wanted a challenge and we think that our five acres fits the bill. After several years the conifers are a distant memory and in their place we have put in a ‘white garden’ in front of the barn, a cottage garden wrapping round the end of guest wing, a prairie of ornamental grasses by the room decks and a gravel garden housing a BBQ area and fire pit. As you will see it as a ten year project and there is plenty of work to do. Ruby, our wire-haired Viszla, Lola the Labrador both seem very happy with our choice – with so much space to call their own.

We have been open since 2017 and are loving it – having met so many great people with such interesting stories to share.  Many have come back for more – so hopefully we are doing something right!

Bruce Badrock and David Woodbine